Your sponsorship helps to train new guide dogs

It takes a very special dog to be a guide dog. They give blind people independence, as well as a loving and loyal companion.

Play the video to learn about a new pup you can sponsor called 'Irvine'

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Transforming blind people’s lives

Every hour, one person in the UK goes blind. Every year, the Guide Dogs charity breeds around a thousand puppies ready for the long and strict training programme to help them.

There are now almost 5,000 guide dogs in the UK, but many more are needed. It’s a huge job. Training a guide dog puppy takes years, costs around £50,000, and relies on the hard work and support of many different people. That's why Guide Dogs relies on the support of people like you to help make it happen.

2017 - New Year, New Pups!

The New Year saw the introduction of three other new puppies that you can sponsor with Guide Dogs! There names are Hattie and Immie, and you can read more about them on the Guide Dogs website. We'll feature their videos soon here, too.

Some previous pups include:

Breed: Black Labrador cross Golden Retriever
Dad: Luke
Mum: Darcy

Breed: Labrador cross Golden Retriever
Dad: Ivo
Mum: Pepsi

Breed: Labrador cross Golden Retriever
Dad: Ivo
Mum: Pepsi

You can see photographs of Fifi, Eddie and Fargo in the slideshow below - they are all around six weeks old in this montage.

Fifi can be a bit shy and loves to cuddle her brother, Fargo. Fargo loves to play as well as meeting new people and puppies - and of course spending time with his sister, Fifi. Eddie is a really confident puppy - he enjoys a ride on the slide and adventures around the garden with the other pup cadets.

Sponsor a guide dog puppy today and you’ll help pay for the training programme to prepare them. 

Sponsorship starts from just £1 a week – less than a loaf of bread to prepare a puppy to become a life-changing companion. 

Training amazing dogs

Guide dog puppies spend their first year living with a volunteer, learning basic commands and getting used to being around other people. Then it’s off to guide dog training school to learn the skills needed to guide a blind person. At about 20 months, dogs are matched with an owner and move into their new home.

Will you help?

Sponsor a guide dog puppy today and you could transform a bind person’s life. You’ll get to choose your favourite puppy and you’ll receive lots of updates about how they’re doing.

About the Guide Dogs charity

Working all over the country

Guide Dogs have four training centres around the UK, and 20 teams across the country. There are around 1,200 staff and more than ten thousand volunteers.

Campaigning for change

As well as training guide dogs, Guide Dogs campaign for better resources and facilities for visually-impaired people, to increase their freedom and independence. They also teach people how to look after their eyes, and sponsor research into ways to preserve sight. 

Making a difference to children

Guide Dogs provide buddy dogs for blind and partially sighted children too. Buddy dogs make a huge difference to children’s lives, building their confidence, giving them a companion, and improving their communication and mobility skills.

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