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Here's part five of our ongoing review of charity smartphone apps.

Stand Up To Cancer (U.S. app)

Asks for donations? Yes
Links to website donate form? Yes
Responsive giving forms? Yes
Text to donate? Yes
Has other monetisation? No
Has native iPad version? No

A bit of a step away with this one in that this app targets the US market from (US born) Stand Up To Cancer television fundraiser. All the other apps we have reviewed so far are from UK charities but we thought this one had some really good elements.

However, Stand Up To Cancer, have found their way to UK screens via a recent partnership with Cancer Research UK. You may remember the first test of the telethon took place in October 2012 and was broadcast on Channel 4, and featured many popular celebrities.

In 2012 Stand Up To Cancer partnered with Cancer Research UK to bring the event to a UK audience.

The main point and function of the app is for people to leave a photo message on a wall of tributes to those who are still living with cancer or those who have sadly passed on.

The messages are emotional and heartfelt and add to a real sense of community as you scroll through the many messages and photos.

It is a very snappy app in terms of the speed of movement between screens and it is easy to add a photo and message and contribute to the stream other photos and tributes.

In the top right is a donate button that is present throughout the app. When you select this you are taken to a screen which gives the option of a donation by text message, or through their website.

It was good to see the the donation pages on the website were responsive (see our blogs on responsive websites to learn more). As the Stand Up To Cancer donation pages adapt to any browser size it means you can easily support the appeal on a mobile or tablet.

The text message to give is the easiest route if you are on your mobile anyway.

The app also has an 'about' sections that talks more about the origins of the organisation as well as links to social media pages and further information about cancer.

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Breast Cancer Care

Asks for donations? Yes
Links to website donate form? Yes
Responsive giving forms? No
Text to donate? No
Has other monetisation? No
Has native iPad version? No

Previously we reviewed the Breakthrough Breast Cancer app. Although they are both UK charities with a focus on breast cancer, Breakthrough and Breast Cancer Care differ in the the former is concerned with research into the cures for the different sorts of breast cancer, while Breast Cancer Care provide support and advice to those living with or affected by breast cancer.

The app for Breast Cancer Care has been made in partnership with the electronics company Philips.

When you open the app it is interesting to not be able to view it in portrait - they have gone for a landscape view. It doesn't seem to want to roll over into a portrait layout.

It opens on a home screen where you then click through to a page that tells you the importance of checking your breasts.

You then use some left/right icons to move through more information on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and how to check yourself.

The illustrations are done well with some creative thinking going into the accompanying text. See the screenshot in the slideshow to see what we mean.

There is a final screen that uses the 'addthis' service to invite you to share the app.

There is also a button to 'donate' which takes you to their main website but not directly into a donation page.

The donation page here is not yet responsive and serves a desktop version of the site.

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National Trust

Asks for donations? Yes
Links to website donate form? Yes
Responsive giving forms? No
Text to donate? No
Has other monetisation? Yes (asks to become a member)
Has native iPad version? No

This is one of the nicest apps we have seen. There has been a tremendous amount of thought do into it.

The front end has a slick and easy to use interface while the backend must pull on a tremendous amount of constantly updated data about the National Trust's properties - from opening times, prices and photography.

It also plays on the iPhone's map functionality to let you know what is near you.

We will go through all the screens of the app in turn.

When you open the app you are met with a compelling piece of photography which really helps set the mood.

You are asked if it can use your location which we recommend you do in order to get the most out the app.

You then land on the 'near me' page which shows you current location on a map of the UK and red pins which you can select to see the National Trust sites that are nearest to you.

When you click a pin you get a bit of teaser info and then linked through to more in depth information including beautiful full-screen images in a slideshow.

We were really impressed with the depth of content just around one property.

All the opening times are clearly listed and it has a diary of events, which you can handily add to your calendar. It also has a 'tweet this event' button which we thought was a clever way to encourage people to share news about the event.

When you find a location you can 'favourite' it, which will place a link to it under an icon of the same name from the main app navigation at the bottom.

As well as the 'near me' map and the 'favourites' section, other options along the main navigation of the app are 'AZ of places', 'What's On' and 'About'.

The AZ of places is as you'd expect a list of National Trust which are presented well and have a well placed search box at the top of the screen.

The 'What's on' icon takes you to a screen where you can enter your location and select a 'within distance of' option to give you a list of events near you.

Under the 'About' button is more info about the National Trust as well as calls to donate, become a member or volunteer.

All of these link off to their website but the website doesn't look like it is responsive yet, so it isn't a great thing to move on to from a smartphone. However we are pretty sure National Trust will deploy a responsive website soon.

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