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Asks for donations? Yes
Links to website donate form? Yes
Responsive giving forms? Yes
Text to donate? Yes
Has other monetisation? No
Has native iPad version? No

We really liked the Whizz-Kidz app which serves, as its primary function, as a kind of shop window on the different equipment that you can apply for through the charity. It also has information on volunteering and how to fundraise.

The equipment you can view ranges from powered chairs, manual chairs and buggies. There's also information on how to sign up for a 'Wheelchair skills training' course.

The app has a very visual and easy to use feel with lots of full-bleed images (full-bleed images are images that take up the whole screen).

It's very easy to navigate through the chairs and buggies on offer and the layout is very clean with clear and sharp photographs.

There are also user reviews which will be of help to decision making for applicants.

There is also a section of maintenance tips and a video to show how you should measure your child assist in finding the correct chair.

As well as the skills training there is also a list of clubs that cover many UK regions. You can easily see the location of the clubs on a map or email them directly through a handy email icon.

There is also information on 'Whizz-Kidz' camps - these are short residential breaks that help children and young people learn independent living skills.

In terms of fundraising there's a big list of events you can take part in ranging from marathons to overseas treks.

You can also donate by a text message which is launched from a button within the app as well as be directed to a responsive giving form.

There's also a whole host of volunteering opportunities listed for things like helping out at the skills training sessions or their regional clubs.

To round things off there are also a set of FAQs and also links to their social media sites.

Overall we found this to be a great app that should meet its audience's needs very well.

Help for Heroes - Christmas Bears

Asks for donations? Yes
Links to website donate form? Yes
Responsive giving forms? Yes
Text to donate? Yes
Has other monetisation? No
Has native iPad version? Yes

A bit out of season to review this one but we are sure Christmas 2014 will come around soon enough, given how much time seems to fly these days!

So - the Help for Heroes app is a nice change as it's pretty much a straight up game. It's also good that the charity have thought to make a version for the iPad too, thus extending the apps reach.

With simple to use controls you help two able-bodied bears escort, via a stretcher, a wounded bear who is dressed in a Santa costume.

Essentially your bears run along and you help them jump, slide or 'slam' to get over or under various obstacles that include walls and crevasses.

You earn coins and can purchase power ups. There are also various missions to complete.

You can donate via the app too, and it's nice to see the text to donate option populating the body of the text message as well as the number to text. Quite often we just see charities populating to the text number field leaving the user to have to type the short code (in this case it's 'Bear'). We think possibly charities lose out on some donations this way.

There's also a link to a fairly good responsive giving form, although there were a few styling issues. But the main thing is it functions well as it set up to take donations from mobile devices well.

It's one of the few apps where the core premise is to play a game and helps raise awareness of the charity through it.

It also invites you to play with friends by connecting via Apple's Game Centre or Facebook. So this is a clever way to broaden the apps reach and bring more supporters to the table.

It is quite light on information about the charity and perhaps could be something good to add on the next time they release an update for it.

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