City A.M and Mediaplanet Make a Difference Campaign 2013
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Back in 2012 the widely read and highly acclaimed morning paper, City A.M, raised £4.4M as part of its Christmas appeal.

They ran their first Christmas appeal back in 2011 and in that year raised £1.58M, so you can imagine how trilled they were to beat this impressive total by so much last year in 2012.

To make things even better, readers donations were doubled in 2011 as a sign of appreciation and congratulations from Andrew Mitchell, the then Secretary of State for International Development.

In 2012, City A.M. were really grateful to all the readers and supporters who helped raise so much for Opportunity International, which is a charity that offers microfinance to entrepreneurs in Africa, who want to start their own money-making ventures. The £4.4M raised back in 2012, and this meant that 330,000 jobs for people living in poor countries were created or kept going.

The City A.M. 2013 Christmas Appeal

After the massive success that 2011 and 2012 proved to be, today, on the 17th of December, sees City A.M. and Mediaplanet's 2013 Christmas campaign hit the stands. This great publication which will be placed inside every copy of CIty A.M. will reach their massive audience of hardworking business professionals in the UK.

The campaign is in partnership with Virgin Money Giving and the City of London Corporation.

The team at totally back the campaign and hope is does just as incredibly well as it did in the years before.

We can’t say much about the appeal, as we don’t want to spoil the content, but if you can, make sure you grab a copy and learn more about the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards Scheme, how to create effective CSR for you business, and thoughts on how to leave a legacy donation to a charity of your choice. As well as all that, there's tips on how to use what you do to make a living, to help good causes.

want2donate advert

The team here at are thrilled to be taking part in the print campaign by placing an ad in the publication. If you can, make sure you pick up a copy to see our homemade ad that we are so grateful to have been able to place inside and help us reach new audiences for our own charity awareness raising work.

We've shown what our advert looks like in the slideshow above, so please keep on the lookout for it and tell people about us and the Make a Difference Campaign!

We wish everyone at City A.M. and Mediaplanet the best with this year’s appeal and hope they raise a bunch of money for great causes.

Go to the City A.M. website here

Go to the Mediaplanet website here

Or follow City A.M on Twitter here and Mediaplanet on Twitter here

The hashtag to follow on the day will be #MAD2013

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