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Stuff that got us excited in the last month of 2012

Here's part 1 of our new blogs that highlight the stories that made us feel energised and interested from all manner of charities across sector in December 2012.

Each part of our monthly news round up (going forward) will cover ten top charity stories in two part blogs for the respective month.

Here's some reader friendly bite-sized highlights and links to more information from or on the following charities:


The Daily Mail caused a stir when they had a story that the RSPCA described as not accurate where the paper had said that the popular animal charity put animals which are health to sleep on a routine basis. The charity asserted that this is just one of spate of similarly one-sided stories which they say happened after the prosecution of the hunt in Heythrop.

You can read the full statement from RSPCA here on their site


There was news that people who are inline to become adopters of children will have a more participative role in the selection of whom they adopt. It's stressed that they don't just get to pick and choose - they will still get support and expert advice. It is down to the emerging understanding that good initial rapport between the adults and prospective foster children makes for a solid foundation to build upon. More about Barnardo's here.

Save the Children

We noticed that the Christmas campaign from Save the Children centered around a fun woolly jumper theme. They pushed the appeal out over many channels including Twitter where they asked people to wear a woolly jumper to show support and give a small donation on the 15th December. Looking at their site the event was a big success and now they are in the stream of collecting the fundraising as the site has a prominent Pay In Now link.


There was an upsetting story which left the disability charity, Mencap, outraged. What happened was a spokesperson from the 'brain group' Mensa made an insulting comment that people with IQs lower than 60 are 'Carrots'. naturally this also sparked anger with the public and many other groups. The BBC, who aired the show where the comment happened, apologised. More here.

National Autistic Society

The piano-playing and singing comedian, Tim Minchin, sent a message out over Twitter to say that all the money from his Christmas record would be gifted to this charity for autism. He has supported the charity for a number of years. More on Tim's blog.


Conservation charity the WWF sent a clear message (by Christmas card) to the Chancellor in December. They affirmed how their supporters believe that the reason many policies designed to protect the environment are being slowed down or stopped. In the card they asked him to take on climate change and further the arrival of energy that is renewable. More about the World Wildlife Fund here.

National Trust

We're sure you noticed that we had a pretty wet summer (don't they always feel like that?). I think epic summer days are some illusion from childhood and that once you reached adult-hood, most days that are sunny you might probably be in an office or other workplace and unable to enjoy. Anyway, back to the update - Slugs, apparently, thrived because of this wet weather. So much so that is has been called 'The Year Of The Slug'.

Greenpeace and WWF Combo!

Fracking was a hot topic in December. (If you're not sure what that is it is check out this wonderful interactive infographic).

Both WWF and Greenpeace showed a united front to challenge the fact that the government have given the 'OK' to fracking methods. Their massive armies of supporters and campaigners joined the front online and on the streets with various protest and demonstration activity.

Cancer Research UK

The 'Dryathlon' was a fundraising idea that CRUK took out in December which asked people to sign up for a drink-free January. The pledge / fundraising ask was to donate the money they would have spent on drinking to cancer research. As a prelude and part of the communications materials the cancer charity conducted a survey with the rather funny assumption that 1/3 of males think they are more attractive when they have consumed alcohol. The survey was intended as a strategic tool to debunk myths about drinking.

OK - that's the ten from Part 1!

We'll post up the second and final part before February is over. And we'll also have our normal weekly story too.

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