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Today Concern Worldwide is joining in celebrations for Human Rights Day. This day marks the anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

It’s a day to celebrate, but it also serves to remind us that everybody is entitled to basic human rights.

These rights include having access to an education and to an adequate standard of living. Concern works with the world’s poorest people, many of whom don’t get to enjoy these rights.

They live in extreme poverty, with little or no access to enough nutritious food. Children often have to work and earn an income to support their families, and don’t have the opportunity of going to school. If they do, they can often go with an empty tummy, which makes it so much harder to focus on learning.

This Human Rights Day, why not give the wonderful gift of a school lunch for £30 and help some of the poorest children achieve their right to an education.

This gift could give a child like Tania (pictured) at the Paltan Pavement Dweller Centre in Bangladesh a nutritious meal every lunchtime for six months, allowing her to concentrate on learning and achieving her dreams.

What’s more, if you buy this gift before the 14th December you’ll double the difference your gift makes, as the UK government will match your donation pound for pound as part of our Hunger Stops Here appeal. 

You can browse the Concern Shop for more inspirational gift ideas that really will make a positive difference to the poorest communities.

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