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It's nearly time for Mother's Day 2014 here in the UK (and the other countries that celebrate it on the same day).

Because of this we thought we'd write a blog about the history of Mother's Day, where it came from and how it is celebrated here and around the world.

What is Mother's Day?

It is a celebration of mothers and motherhood and the impact mothers have on all our lives as they love and nurture their children in preparation for adulthood.

It is normally celebrated in the Springtime, but the actual date of celebration can vary, depending on the country.

Where did Mother's Day originate?

It is said to have started in the twentieth century in America in its present form as an official 'day' in 1908.

However, it is obvious that the celebration of mothers goes back to the dawn of humanity as mothers and motherhood have been revered in countless religious and mystical schools of thought.

The 1908 event started when a lady called Anna Jarvis wanted to celebrate her mother's life which she then went on to campaign that there be an official day for the celebration of mothers. The idea really took off and it is said that by as early as 1920 Anna did not like how commercial it had become.

Before this though, there were other efforts recorded in 1870 to make the case for a 'Mother's Day of Peace', by another individual named Julia Ward Howe.

How charities use Mother's Day

Many charities will plan communications plans around Mother's Day in order to build engagement or drive financial support.

For example, international development charities might use the angle of comparing how hard it is for mothers in developing countries to build support. Health or cancer charities might take the angle of celebrating or remembering your mum if you have lost her to illness.

In addition charities might just take advantage of the day and goodwill around gift giving to ask supporters to buy mum an alternative gift instead of the usual chocolates or flowers.

We have plenty of charity gift shops to look at here if the latter option takes your fancy and you will have a good choice of all sorts of charities to choose, from international development, conservation or those that work in the health sector.

Celebrate with Concern Gifts

Mums around the world understand how much it means to have healthy, happy children.

You can help grant a mother’s wish across the world, by saving her child’s life.

By giving a Concern Worldwide gift of therapeutic food for just £16, you could provide a mother like Luul with 20 sachets of high calorie peanut paste. It's packed with all the vitamins and nutrients her malnourished child urgently needs to regain full health and develop properly.

A gift like this could bring great happiness to a mother like Luul. What better way to remind your own mum just how much you care about her, than to help another mum living in poverty see her child become healthy again? 

Alternatively, browse their gifts for her suggestions now for many more ideas!

And there’s still time! Each Concern gift comes with a personalised e-card which means that you can browse and order a gift for your Mum right up to Mother’s Day this Sunday, March 30th!

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Registered charity numbers

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Is my donation to charity secure?

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Are my details safe?

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