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Hi there, we are back with part 2 of our blogs that take you through some of the places you can buy charity gifts this Christmas.

In the last blog we talked about WWF, Present Aid, Woodland Trust and National Trust.

This time we will detail another four for you. We hope it inspires you to consider getting a gift from one of them as sales from their shops always help towards their missions.

The RSPB gift shop

Most people in the UK have heard of the Royal Society for the Protection of birds. But we don't think as many know what a great online shop they have - and also the variety and quality of the products it sells.

The RSPB looks after more than two hundred nature reserves in the UK that are critical habitats for many rare species of plants, animal and, of course, birds.

The shop website is well laid out and easy to use. Gifts start as low as £1.50. They also offer free delivery on all orders over £75.

As an example of things you can buy they include books, bird feeders and food, binoculars, toys and much more. They even have special gifts for Christmas and sale items. It's basically shopping paradise for bird conservation lovers!

Learn more on our main RSPB gift shop page

Cancer Research UK wedding favours

Ok so Christmas isn't necessarily the  traditional season for weddings but we don't know about you, but we have really noticed lately weddings are becoming an all year event with even the 'classic' wedding days changing so that people are even getting married on Thursdays and Fridays instead if just the popular weekend days. We got married on a Friday for example so we were part of that shift.

Well, most people have heard of the UK's largest cancer charity - Cancer Research UK. Did you know, if you work in the sector, they are commonly referee to as 'CRUK'?

What a lot of people know is that you can donate to them in all the normal ways you would give to a charity, but what less people know is that you can help them fight cancer by buying your wedding favours from them.

It is really simple to get these ordered through their website. So if you are having a wedding over the festive season, then we highly recommend these as a great alternative to your usual wedding favours.

Discover more on our main Cancer Research Wedding Favours page

Concern Gifts

We will finish up this blog with a couple of international development charities. First up is Concern Worldwide.

Concern work to fight poverty in more than twenty countries, and each gift purchased from their online shops helps with one of the following programmes

  • Education
  • Health
  • Disaster relief
  • Livelihoods

Concern also have an online shop called 'Concern Gifts'

The gifts are all 'virtual' which means that the charity will take the money from your purchase to use where it is needed the most in the countries they work in.

In return for your support you will feel good knowing you are helping dreams come true in some of the poorest countries in the world where people have to survive under the harshest of conditions.

If you like, you can buy a gift for a friend. This way you then have the option of sending them an electronic card to let them know or even one through the post if they don't have an email address.

It makes a great alternative Christmas present! Go here to read more.

Oxfam Unwrapped

Last up is the most well know of all the international development charities, Oxfam GB.

It is quite likely that you will have also heard of their famous online gift shop - 'Oxfam Unwrapped'.

On this attractively laid out website you can select from thirty gifts. The gifts go to support all sorts of Oxfam's work - for example, they have teacher training available for just £27, a goat for £25, safe water for 50 people costs just £50 and you can even 'Feed a family' for just £7. In the latter example, in times of crisis, this £7 donation is turned into food vouchers which can be exchanged with local sellers.

You can also send these as a gift for a friend or loved one by selecting to use an 'e-card' as part of the checkout process so you'll be all set if you choose Oxfam Unwrapped this Christmas!

Discover more on our main Oxfam Unwrapped page

We'll be back with another blog soon, so see you soon!

P.S. you can get part 1 of this blog series here.

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