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In the last blog we talked about what responsive websites actually are, and touched on the fact that many people are consuming digital media while they’re on the sofa with, quite often, the TV on in the background while they surf the net, deal with email, update social media accounts, etc.

This latter phenomenon is has been dubbed 'second screening', and this year data indicates that a large volume of Christmas shopping that people do online will be done using tablets and smartphones from the sofa or while on the move.

It’s completely changing how companies are generally marketing their products. For example, early morning periods never meant sales for many businesses, now people are making purchases on their way to work, so businesses are adapting to send email marketing to them at these times.

That charities will follow suit soon, based on these advancements, is our prediction here at Want2Donate for the future of charity digital marketing.

For now, let’s carry on with our review of responsive charity giving sites that we’ve discovered.

The National Trust shop is responsive

We were really impressed when we loaded up the online gifts website for the National Trust.

It loads straight into a very usable and clean responsive site with a few top products immediately on display.

There's a handy search right at the bottom too, so you can go straight in looking for things more specific.

After the search box is a useful category list where you can jump to various sections like 'garden', 'Christmas', or 'books'.

Then there are handy links for information about the shop and how to get in touch if you have questions about your order.

When are viewing a list of products you can also filter by price, name and popularity. You can even read reviews of each product or write your own.

Have a look at our slideshow to see some screenshots we took of the site while browsing.

We really found the National Trust digital team have built a great site here so congratulations to them!

Learn more about the National Trust shop on our main page. For the memberships site which is also responsive go here.

The RSPB shop

Here again another conservation charity demonstrates it is keeping up with the changing technology with a very useable mobile shop site. This one isn't responsive - it looks like they are device detecting and showing a mobile version of the site. You can tell this because if you down-size the browser window for the gifts site on your desktop computer, it doesn't scale.

The shop has all sorts of wonderful products guaranteed to please bird and conservation lovers. There is everything from bird tables to bird seed, binoculars to books and much more.

As soon as you land on the site you are presented with a nice search area and clear category lists which expand to show more levels of detail.

Once you move through to a category you get a nice single column layout of products. From here you can easily add things direct to your basket or navigate to more detail on the main product pages.

They have cleverly integrated an optional donation step where the user can very easily choose to add a monetary gift to the charity on top of their shopping basket costs.

100% of the profits from the shop go towards RSPB's work.

Check out more info about the RSPB shop on our main page

WWF Memberships sports a snappy responsive design

Like their animal adoptions pages, WWF have also given the responsive treatment to their regular membership pages.

It's a smooth process to join the WWF from tablet or smart phone and they make it very clear how your membership helps their conservation efforts.

It also does a great job of showing off the cool things you get when you join, like a panda pin badge, and loads of cool information booklets.

In addition to the normal membership pages, their children's membership pages are responsive too.

This is called the WWF Go Wild Kids Club and is a sure way to get young minds learning about and interested in the importance of looking after our planet.

Kids who join get a bumper pack of goodies as part of membership including loads of stickers, a backpack, keyring, wristbands, booklets and more. We are sure all children would love to be members.

You can also choose to pay in Euros, which we think is really handy and broadens up the audience significantly.

Check some photos in our slideshow or learn more about WWF memberships or WWF Go Wild Club memberships.

Action Medical Research

We were so pleased to see the work this amazing organisation has to make their events oriented charity pages work so well on our mobile phones.

Everything is really clearly laid out with lots of information about all the events and galleries that sport great photographs of charity challenge events too.

The galleries worked really well and looked great on the iPhone. What a great way to entice people to sign up for an exciting sponsored challenge that will help sick children while they're on their boring commute! Go here to learn more about Action Medical Resarch.

The Aspinall Foundation - Adopt an Animal

It is greatto see another conservation charity getting the responsive bug and making sure its web pages work well across devices too.

Like the WWF the Aspinall Foundation allow their supporters to adopt an animal as a way to generate crucial income that goes towards their conservation work.

The animals they offer are for the most part different to the WWF so if you are looking for a bit more of a 'niche' animal then do check them out. For example you can adopt a red panda, certain species of lemur or different kinds of cat.

Why not pop over there with your smartphone now and see what you think? Read more about the Aspinall Foundation here.

Thanks and part 1

We hope you found these two blogs on responsive charity websites interesting. The next blog will be part 4 of our charity shopping and otherways to support over Christmas. 

Part 1 of this blog can be read here

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