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Hello lovely charity supporters - we are excited to tell you that as well as being able to keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter we are now also on Pinterest! Go here to check our Pinterest page now, or read on to learn more right here! It is a really nice new platform to engage with other lovers of charities and their work.

Did you know many of the big UK charities also have their own Pinterest accounts? We have already found and are following 15 at the time of writing. These include WWF, the National Trust, Guide Dogs and more.

What is Pinterest?

Simply speaking it is a social media platform that is driven by users adding, primarily, pictures (known as 'pins'), to 'boards'. The users create their own boards, centred around topics that interest them.

They then 'pin on' as many relevant photographs as they like. However, Pinterest don't  only allow you to your own pictures - you can also pin audio (from, for example, SoundCloud) as well as video, from platforms like Vine and YouTube.

We suppose you could think of it as a super powerful digital pin board!

So in our case, the way we have started and will continue to grow out Pinterest page will be to add boards about our favourite charities work, and add lots of lovely pictures that relate to them.

It is only early days but we have already added boards and a number of photographic pins on the following:

Please do go over and check them out and also join Pinterest - we think it is lot of fun, and can't wait to add more boards and pics and engage with new supporters there.

If you do join we would love it if you followed us and that way you will get updates each time we add new content. We will always try and give some interesting information along with each picture to make the content educational and informative.

Hopefully as well as pictures we can also experiment adding audio and video too in time!

When you join Pinterest you can do the following and more

  • Create boards
  • Add pins (these can be photos, audio and other types of content)
  • Like people's pins
  • Follow people or organisations that interest you
  • Comment on people's pins
  • Repin existing pins on your own boards
  • Share pins via email
  • Embed pins or boards in your own blog or website

Why would UK charities be on Pinterest?

It's really a great and visual supporter engagement and marketing tool.

Just have a look at these Pinterest pages from well-known charities and see how they use them to build engagement and reach new audiences. All the while using beautiful and compelling imagary to create great content.

And of course, the way the team at Pinterest have designed the interface really helps the user enjoy the content with liking, re-pinning, commenting and sharing being super-easy.

Charities can really build and attract new audiences to their web pages from their pins where they hope they will become members or donate to them.

Thanks for listening and if you are inspired please get on over to Pinterest and join the pinning fun!

PS - we're pretty new to Pinterest so we hope we didn't get anything above wrong! We'll come back and correct the blog if we hear we have :)

Tax exempt status of registered charities and online security

All of the charities listed on this website are registered with the Charity Commission in the United Kingdom. Like any business, charities have to submit Tax Returns to HM Revenue and Customs, but all donations are declared and the charities do not have to pay tax on them. This means all your donation to charity will help to further their vision and goals.

Registered charity numbers

Each charity's registered number can be seen prominently displayed on the bottom of their respective pages on this site and underneath their logos.

Please get in touch if you would like to ask us a question.

Is my donation to charity secure?

All donations, animal adoptions or child sponsorships are exempt from tax and carried out through secure encrypted connections.

Are my details safe?

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