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Why are animals tested on?

Animal testing is experimentation carried out on animals to test the safety and effectiveness of everything from medication to cosmetics.

There are a number of animal welfare charities who campaign against animal testing. The biggest ones include PETA, IFAW and Four Paws.

They campaign for an end to animal testing by promoting more humane and modern testing methods, and by lobbying government to ensure that laws protect animals.

Animal welfare charities also raise awareness about animal testing by naming the companies that test on animals.

This helps consumers make an ethical choice when buying cosmetics or household products.

PETA celebrates companies that don’t test on animals and supports the use of certified logos to indicate cruelty-free products.

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Tax exempt status of registered charities and online security

All of the charities listed on this website are registered with the Charity Commission in the United Kingdom. Like any business, charities have to submit Tax Returns to HM Revenue and Customs, but all donations are declared and the charities do not have to pay tax on them. This means all your donation to charity will help to further their vision and goals.

Registered charity numbers

Each charity's registered number can be seen prominently displayed on the bottom of their respective pages on this site and underneath their logos.

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Is my donation to charity secure?

All donations, animal adoptions or child sponsorships are exempt from tax and carried out through secure encrypted connections.

Are my details safe?

Want2Donate do not know, nor hold any information about you. Any donation you make is between you and the charity you choose. Learn more in our Privacy Policy.