Machu Picchu in Peru

The Great Adventure People

GAP Adventures are the earth's biggest adventure travel company transporting 50,000 United Kingdom vacationers on 1000 tours to 100 nations.

Quite simply they have a Gap Adventure for everyone. Most tours have up to 12 people and you can sign up for an incredible array of trips - we just had a look and were amazed at the range of truly great sounding adventures!

From experiencing experience ancient Indian art in Mumbai's Elephanta Caves, exploring ancient ruins in the desert of Palmyra, Syria or checking out stunning hidden realms underneath the Yucatan Peninsula.

Where does the charity bit happen?

Gap Adventures also run Planeterra, a not-for-profit organisation endorsed through the United Nations that can give a helping hand back to the towns that people traverse through.

The Planeterra not-for-profit presently supports 40 projects all over the world directly In addition - the ethic of giving back to local communities is built in to their approach - for example they only use local transport & accommodation in addition to helping build innovative tourism projects which help train local people to enjoy the good that sustainable tourism can bring.

What don't they do?

  • They are not a 'Gap Year' business - They do provide tours that suit Gap Year vacationers of any age but did you know that their average traveller is actually 20-40 years old?
  • They are not only for the adventurous or hardcore - Their 1000+ tours mostly are cultural encounters and wildlife encounters centered on small groups of around 12 people travelling together to have an authentic, local approach.
  • Their outings do not have astronomical costs. - They start at £300 for 8 days in Thailand, Panama And Nicaragua, or Egypt and provide hundreds of tours for less than £500. Please note that the costs are for the tours in country only and do not include your travel costs to get to the country (by plane, boat etc.)

What kind of challenges can I do?

They've got challenges all over the world - far too many to list on this little page.

Below is just a small taste of the challenges they have - have a browse, and click through if you like one!

How can I book an adventure?

If you like what you've seen on this site please go ahead to the Gap Adventures website and sign up for the event of your choice today.

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