Doctors Of The World in action

What do they do?

Doctors of the World are a humanitarian aid charity that give medical and healthcare to those most vulnerable in more than 80 countries. In some cases these are people who have been affected by crisis such as conflict or natural disasters, but they also work to provide healthcare to those who would otherwise be excluded.

Doctors of the World assist the people who are most in need such as young mothers and children in Nepal, or young people stuck on the streets of the Democratic Republic of Congo, or those affected by the quake and tsunami that caused so much terrible havoc in Haiti and Japan.

They have been working in the United Kingdom since 2006 through a clinic for excluded migrants in London's Bethnal Green. In this office they help to run programmes that assist the most vulnerable people in communities who may have survived torture, fled conflict and violence, those who are pregnant and can't access healthcare.

Your charity donation can buy:

  • £2.80 - The price of a rapid HIV test
  • £16 - Care and support of 16 women who were raped in North Kivu in the DRC
  • £33 - Cost of 26 medical consultations + support 14 girls in the DRC (hygiene, meals, activities) centre in Kinshasa, DRC
  • £145 - Could pay for the salary of a nurse for one month in Niger
  • £330 - Provides a chlorination Kit to treat 1,400m3 of water (10,000 people for a week or 500 families for a month)
  • £1200 - One pediatric care kit for 10,000 children for 1 month (stethoscope, blood pressure meter, sterile gauze, disinfectant, needles)

What other ways can you help?

If you don't want to make a donation there are other ways you can support by getting involved at their fun fundraising events. There's loads of popular charity challenges you could sign up to that encompass cycle rides, overseas challenges, running for charity and loads more.

Is Doctors of the World's work sustainable?

Because their programmes are so innovative with a special focus on services and long-term solutions it's clear that Doctors of the World truly have a sustainable approach to the work they do and certainly don't operate on hand-outs.

They want to toughen and rebuild the healthcare systems in developing countries to ensure a fair access to medical expertise and support for all members of the local communities in which they work.

They also lobby for change and work in advocacy for changes to law and government policies to make sure promises are stuck to.

If you like what you've heard about Doctors of the World please do get over to their great website to discover more and lend your support.

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